Understanding The Cost of Freight Shipments

Understanding The Cost of Freight Shipments

Published by Online Fence Store on Feb 9th 2024

Shipping large freight comes with its own set of challenges, and understanding the associated costs is crucial. It may seem that the costs of shipping by LTL freight are a little expensive these days. We understand that many people who shop with us are looking to save money by installing their fences. All freight charges are calculated at checkout and are based on weight, volume and destination. Here is a brief description of the costs associated with shipping.

We’ll start by saying we only partner with reputable carriers with experience in handling oversized shipments and a track record of reliable service. Factors such as transit times, insurance coverage, and tracking capabilities are crucial when we select a carrier. In addition to fuel costs, equipment maintenance, and labor, here are a few other things that factor into the costs of getting your fence to you.

Shipping large freight presents unique challenges compared to smaller packages. Proper packaging is crucial to ensure the safety of the items during transit and to minimize the risk of damage. We properly secure your shipment to prevent shifting and damage during transit. We secure the items to the pallet using straps and shrink wrap to prevent movement. We also reinforce areas with wooden bracing to provide extra protection.

Aluminum Fence Packaging

Appointment Scheduling
Our freight companies are contracted to arrange and make an appointment for delivery. This takes away any guesswork about when your products will arrive. We want you, the customer, on-site when the truck pulls up. With you there, you can inspect the shipment and sign for the delivery.

Lift-gate Service
Imagine this scenario: you've ordered a bulky fence order online. The excitement of its arrival is palpable, but there's a small hurdle, getting it off the delivery truck. This is where a lift gate comes into play. A lift-gate is a hydraulic platform mounted on the back of a truck that assists in loading and unloading heavy or oversized items. Essentially, it bridges the gap between the truck bed and the ground, making the process seamless and hassle-free. From a consumer perspective, lift-gate services offer unparalleled convenience. No longer do they need to fret about how they'll maneuver that heavy fence order from the curb. Instead, they can sit back and relax, knowing that the delivery will be handled with ease and precision. Beyond convenience, lift gate services also prioritize safety – both for the items being delivered and the individuals involved in the process. Attempting to lift heavy objects without the proper equipment can result in accidents and injuries, not to mention potential damage to the goods themselves.

Lift-gate Service

Although we take every measure to prevent damages, sometimes they happen. If for some reason your shipment is damaged in any way during transit, we only ask that you note it on the packing slip (if visible), take photos, and email them to us. Once we receive the photos, we will get into producing the replacement shipment. We handle all claims, schedule the pickup of damaged products (if applicable), and get you what you need to complete your fence project. Protection Status