What is pool code fence?

Pool codes were created to set a standard of safety. Our pool code fence meets ICC's (International Code Council) standards. ICC codes are generally accepted by most municipalities. As always PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL ORDINANCES BEFORE PURCHASING OR INSTALLING ANY TYPE OF POOL OR POOL FENCE. Here are some of the specifications from the ICC code.

Height: The top of the barrier shall be at least 48 inches (1219 mm) above grade measured on the side of the barrier that faces away from the pool or spa.
Installation Above Grade: The maximum vertical clearance between grade and the bottom of the barrier shall be 2 inches (51 mm) measured on the side of the barrier that faces away from the pool or spa.
Standard Picket Spacing: Openings in the barrier shall not allow passage of a 4-inch-diameter (102 mm) sphere. The middle horizontal rail must be at least 45 inches above the bottom horizontal rail. So most 3-horizontal rail pool fence styles must be either 54″ flush bottom (No pickets extending below the bottom rail) or 60″ depending if there are spears above the top rail.
Double Picket Spacing: Where the barrier is composed of horizontal and vertical members and the distance between the tops of the horizontal members is less than 45 inches (1143 mm), the horizontal members shall be located on the swimming pool side of the fence. Spacing between vertical members shall not exceed 1.75 inches (44 mm) in width.
Gates: Pedestrian access gates shall open outward away from the pool and shall be self-closing and have a self-latching device. The operating mechanism of the latch must be at least 54 inches from the bottom of the gate.
Above Ground Pools: Where an above-ground pool structure is used as a barrier or where the barrier is mounted on top of the pool structure, and the means of access is a ladder or steps, then the ladder or steps either shall be capable of being secured, locked or removed to prevent access, or the ladder or steps shall be surrounded by a barrier which meets the above requirements.

Additional Pool Code Resources

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How Do I Install Aluminum Fencing

Are our fences pet friendly?

PETS & ANIMALS: Our aluminum fencing is a great choice to keep pets in and wild animals out. That being said, we cannot guarantee that it will keep in all pets and keep out all wild animals. When ordering, please keep in mind that aluminum fencing will flex and bend with enough force. The animal's size and temperament should be taken into consideration before purchase. Lastly to answer one of the most common questions asked of us; we do not manufacture a fence that will keep raccoons out. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Can I install my fence on a hill?

Yes. Our aluminum fence panels are manufactured with "double punch" rails. This means that the length of the hole in the rail, where the picket passes through, is 2x the size of the picket. This allows for the pickets to pivot and our 6ft panels to rack approximately 20 inches. For additional racking you can use Swivel Wall Mount Brackets to achieve a greater degree of slope. Vinyl Privacy Panels can rack approximately 4 inches over the span of the panel. For greater racking, trimming the ends of the T&G pickets at the appropriate angle will accommodate most slopes.

Aluminum Fence Racking

Aluminum Fence Installed on Hill

How do I measure for a slope gate?

What is unassembled fence?

We offer our fence panels fully assembled or unassembled. If you order assembled, the fence panel will ship complete and ready to install. If you order unassembled, the fence panel will ship in kit form. For example a 48in height, standard picket spacing panel, will include 15 pickets, 3 rails and 45 screws. You will have to screw each picket to the 3 rails using the assembly screws. Unassembled panels will save you 10% per panel, but does require assembly time.

Can I use a fence panel for railing?

No. Handrails and railings are manufactured to specific load specifications. Our fence panels are not designed to handle these loads. We will not warranty or be held responsible for fence panels that are used as railings.

What is AAMA 2604 coating?

AAMA 2604 – Powder coatings meeting and exceeding this spec are popularly known as Super Durable Polyester powders. They deliver FIVE TIMES the weathering performance of a standard polyester. These super durables are often applied to windows, doors and fencing. The AAMA 2604 requires color loss of no greater than 5 hunter units after 5 years of Florida sunlight exposure and a minimum of 30% gloss retention.  The coating will also need to withstand 3,000 hours of salt spray (ASTM B117) with no removal of film and few No.8 blisters as defined by ASTM D714.

Can I mount a fence panel to concrete?

Yes. Ideally the concrete would be core drilled for a stable installation of the post. If core drilling is not an option, Floor Mount Brackets can be used. It is not recommended that you use floor mount brackets for gates over 48in wide and fence over 60in high.

How do I attach a fence panel to a column or wall?

Wall Mount Brackets

What is VMA certified fence?

The Vinyl Manufacturers Association is the consumers assurance of quality. The VMA was established to develop product performance standards to govern all manufacturers and institute a comprehensive accreditation program to ensure ongoing compliance with these specifications. The primary purpose of the VMA standards is to instill consumer confidence by providing assurance to the contractor and the home owner that the vinyl extrusions they are purchasing are from an accredited manufacturer and are produced to the quality levels as written in the VMA standards.


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