TruClose™ Heavy Duty Self-Closing Gate Hinges -TCHD1AS3BT - 2pcs. Package

TruClose Heavy Duty Hinges


TruClose™ Heavy Duty  Self-Closing Gate Hinges - 2pcs. Package - Part # TCHD1AS3BT
Hinge Pair. ICC pool code approved gate hinges. TruClose® Safety Gate Hinges are the world's most trusted child safety gate hinges. These polymer hinges were devised to overcome all the problems associated with conventional gate hinges – rust, binding, sagging and staining. The engineering-grade polymers and a stainless-steel closing springs deliver hinges designed to last a lifetime. Due to a high degree of safety and reliability, TruClose hinges are ideal for child safety gates around swimming pools, childcare centers, schools, homes, playgrounds and hotels/resorts. TruClose HEAVY DUTY hinge models are ideal for most square-posted gates weighing up to 154lbs (70kg). TruClose hinges are quick and easy to install and to adjust for self-closing speed. They come standard with Black trim covers, which means there are no visible fasteners.

Available Colors

Material: Polymer and Stainless Steel
Min Post Size: 1-3/8in.
Fixing Method: Screw-On
Self Closing Gate Weight: Up to 154lbs
Mounting Screws Not Included

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General Specification Sheet
JPG Fence Post Specification SheetPDF Fence Post Specification Sheet
Manufacturer Dimensional Specification & Installation
PDF Fence Post Specification SheetPDF Fence Post Specification Sheet

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